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About Us

Welcome to the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator’s Office (LOSCO) web site. We are pleased to offer this site about LOSCO and to provide information and resources that will benefit you and the Louisiana environment.

The state legislature created the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator’s Office (LOSCO) in 1991. LOSCO serves as the single point of contact for all programs related to oil spills in Louisiana. Our mission is to respond to oil spill events, restore natural resources, protect economic infrastructure, and safeguard public health. LOSCO is funded by a two-cent per barrel tax on all oil transported to or from vessels at Louisiana marine terminals.

Insuring Effective Cleanups - LOSCO coordinates the state’s oil spill response efforts, making sure that cleanups are properly completed.

Restoring Public Resources - If a spill significantly injures natural resources, LOSCO and its trustee partners require the Responsible Party to compensate the public for losses to land, wildlife, or services.

Focused on Prevention - LOSCO and its government partners clean up high risk sites before spills occur. We inform citizens about oil spill risks and sponsor research that improves prevention techniques.

A National Innovator - LOSCO is one of the few state oil spill response offices in the nation that tests research in real spill situations. LOSCO is the first such office in the United States that is designing statewide regional restoration plans to expedite the recovery of natural resources after oil spills.

A Government Partner - LOSCO has built strong working relationships with government agencies, representatives of the oil and gas industry, and community groups.

LOSCO partners with government agencies, representatives of the oil and gas industry, community groups, and the public, in a cooperative and collaborative process, to achieve its goals.

Facts about Oil Spills in Louisiana

  • The National Response Center receives approximately 1,500 oil spill notifications for Louisiana each year
  • This represents approximately 20% of all spills occurring in the United States
  • The average volume of oil spilled annually in Louisiana is approximately 330,000 gallons
  • This also represents approximately 20% of the total volume of oil spilled in the United States

Please feel free to explore this site. We have many resources to offer, and we hope that you return here often.